Cheryl & Gareth - Barnsdale Lodge Rutland

Ahh I was so made up when Cheryl & Gareth asked me to be the photographer for their wedding day. Cheryl is family, she's my sisters step daughter which make me her step aunty something?  Anyway, she's such a sweetheart and she then announced she's marrying her lovely man Gareth.

I was so so very happy for them both. I had only met Gareth at the initial consultation, he makes a wicked cuppa! and he's a lovely chap with a dry sense of humour too.  I honestly didn't know if he was being serious when he said he was in charge of the flowers.!!...I never like to assume!  But.. that was Cheryl's domain of course as she's also a florist amongst many other creative talents. 

They chose to marry at the beautiful Normanton Church, I love this place so much! It's a quaint beautiful church on the very edge (partly submerged) in the water on the edge of Rutland Water. 

The surprise of the day was when everyone had arrived at Barnsdale Lodge in thinking the wedding would actually take place at the hotel. Little did they know they would all be ushered onto a beautiful old Red Double decker bus over to Normanton Church for the ceremony! Only I, Gareth and Cheryl knew this. It was top secret. 

A beautiful ceremony then followed by a Prosecco bar on a bike! I loved this, such a lovely touch! 

The guests all jumped on the bus and headed back to Barnsdale Lodge for the rest of the celebrations. 

I have to say, I loved it all and I wish them a lifetime of silly giggles, good tea and an abundance of happy days.