Morning Preparation Hints and Tips

How to get the absolute best from your morning preparation photos

Hey! so I've decided to create a post about how to make sure you get the absolute best photos from the morning of your wedding.


Having seen more than a few of these mornings and captured many a bride during the morning preparations, I feel its time to write a little blog about this. I want you to get the best out of this with minimum amount of pressure on you.

So first on my list is the location of your preparations. Are you planning on staying at a hotel, or perhaps you are getting ready at home or a relatives house. Either way these little tips will help wherever you are planning on getting ready.

Rooms - Ideally a large lounge area works well as this gives you and me and your bridal party room to mingle without tripping over shoes and clothes. It rarely works if you are in a bedroom upstairs with no space and dim light, so think about the room where there is the most light and space.  Often conservatories can be too bright (and hot) depending on the time of year but it's not to be dismissed as some work well.


Think light, LOTS of light! my work is soft and bright and having a room where you are getting ready in with lots of natural light is a perfect set up. Ideally your make up artist (if you are having one) should feel the same about the light too.  So if she or he positions you in a dark corner it may be useful to ask to be moved to a window where there's lots of lovely light spilling in.

If your partner has given you a gift or a card, if you can try and wait until I arrive so I can capture the details and emotions as you open this then great!  If not I will do a staged photo of this but there's nothing better than real emotions.

Have your dress, shoes and any accessories you are wearing ready in one place. Tags and labels removed from items,  shoes, dress and bridesmaids dresses hanging up on pretty hangers (plastic ones don't have the same effect) I will rearrange these for photographing.


Do you have any Save the Date cards and any stationery such as invitations? please have these to hand too as I can create a lovely layout photo of these for you


Think spacious and clutter free as plates of food, deodorant, perfume bottles, clothes, shoes and bags are a distraction in a photo and can clutter the background. Not only will this look nicer, you will be stress free in a fresh tidy room.


Often rooms can have too much going on,  such as an abundance of ornaments which are often treasured possessions but could perhaps be popped into a box for the day away in another room. These photos will form part of your wedding album so although I would never insist you make these changes, it's really important to think about how the room looks. . I would also recommend you prepare the room the day before, so you're not doing this on the morning...ask your bridesmaids to help on the day if the day before isn't possible.

What are you planning on wearing? that old t shirt you arrived in or that multi coloured onesie you doss around the house in? no no no!!!! aargh!!! I have actually seen this before and whilst you may be comfy, it wont look good in your photos. Think light neutral colours in pastel pinks, greys or creams if you don't have a theme,  or perhaps think about your theme colours of your wedding and incorporate this into your bridal preparation attire. For example, If you have a Teal accent in your colours then think about some lovely matching robes for you all. It will look fab!


While you are having your hair finalised, have your bridesmaids get into their dresses. When it comes to you getting into your dress, they can help you and I will capture these moments. With them all dressed and ready, this will look so much nicer in the photos.


All the above also applies to the guys too! there are things they can do to be prepared if you are wishing me to document your groom and his groomsmen getting ready too.



Relax! try and relax and don't worry! I will try to be discreet but I do like to have a bit of banter with the girls too. I won't be intrusive and will chat with you all and explain what I'm doing. Rest assured!  this is what I do,  and I know when something does or doesn't work. It's my job to capture you at your best.

By thinking ahead of your day and taking on board some of these tips, this will help me to capture some beautiful moments for you.