Kalee & Joe's Wedding - Dodmoor House

It's not often I get called upon at such short notice and on this occasion I was more than happy to help. I was available anyway so I was happy to do Kalee & Joe's wedding at such short notice. Their previous photographer is a photographer friend of mine as she sadly had some upsetting news and couldn't do the wedding photography and passed my details onto Kalee & Joe. 

When Kalee called me I instantly knew we would get along. Her bubbly character was evident as we spoke about her day and how she envisaged the day unfolding. We discussed packages and they were both happy to opt for my full day package as she wanted full coverage from the bridal preparations through to the end of the first dance.

As Kalee & Joe live down South, we never had the opportunity to meet as she was getting married just a week later, so we did everything online and via the phone.  They chose Dodmoor House as it was centrally located for both sides of guests as they travelled from opposite ends of the country. 

I have to say, Dodmoor House is one very special venue, it has everything a wedding would need. a stunning ceremony room and the barn conversion with the mezzanine bar and balcony, lots of space and a pretty courtyard with steps. There's the old house itself which is beautiful as a photo backdrop with a tree lined road leading up to the house. The other great thing it had was extensive grounds to walk around which again made for some really pretty areas for photos.

The other absolute positive of my own experience was when Claire the wedding Co ordinator called me to introduce herself to me and filled me in on the day itself. She then emailed over a detailed schedule of events which I found very useful indeed. I simply created my own timeline and sent this over to Claire. Its useful to do this as there are sometimes discrepancies in times etc.

On the day itself I set off from Peterborough and travelled an hour to Dodmoor house. On arrival I was warmly greeted by Vicky (one of the team) and shown around. I found Kalee with her mum and bridesmaids in a little bit of a panic as Kalee's sister was in suspected labour (a little early) She lived an hour away so hadn't yet made it to the venue. Naturally there was excitement and also nerves as this was to be the first grandchild!  The baby didn't arrive throughout the day but her sister was able to watch the ceremony via Skype on a mobile phone at home. 

I then met with Joe as he arrived with his two best men. Joe is another smiley happy character, it was clear to see why Kalee & Joe are so very suited with each other. They would share pockets of laughter throughout the day and Kalee's infectious laugh had others laughing with them. 

They exchanged their vows in the ceremony room which had beautiful natural light filling the room (always a thumbs up from a photographer)  Claire was on hand throughout the day and worked tirelessly to make sure everything was taken care of.

Following the ceremony,  we took a few minutes out so the bride and groom could enjoy a few moments with their guests and a celebratory glass of bubbly. we then moved onto the group photos which didn't take long at all. I had given Kalee & Joe an example list of 10 group photos and they managed to stick to a max of 10 sets. This not only helped in terms of timing but much to the glee of guests so they weren't having to stand around for ages being photographed.  

I took Kalee & Joe around the gardens and the main house for some photos, luckily just in time before it rained on us. 

Their day ended with sparklers outside in the courtyard, such a lovely idea! I can't wait to do this again at other weddings. 

I know Kalee & Joe will have a wonderful life together, they are made for each other x

Dodmoor House http://www.dodmoorhouse.co.uk