The Moment Magazine and an inspirational lady

Having been in numerous work environments in my time, it's somewhat refreshing to be part of a business who really "get you" 

I've worked at Western Union for 4 years, starting full-time then moving onto part time while I also run my photography  business. Every day I am thankful to be part of this ever growing empire!

They say it's not the work that matters,  it's the people who make it work, I wholeheartedly agree!  To work alongside people you can trust is first and foremost the most important factor in any successful business. I'm always taking in whats going on around me and there's a whole lot of positivity going on at Western Union and it manifests!

I was asked by Western Union to help with an article for the "Moment" magazine to take some photographs , which I was more than happy to help with.

Meet Joanne,..... Someone to admire for her self belief and her belief in the people she works with...