Well, this was a boudoir session that nearly didn't happen! 

Caroline had a Hotel Boudoir session with make-up, bought for her as a gift by her husband for Christmas.

He mentioned to me that Caroline had been admiring my work for some time,  and really wanted some pictures could be proud of as she didn’t have many, apart from her wedding day photos.

When Caroline called me to get her session booked, she had said to me she was worried about her session and with a nervous laugh said she wanted the final result in the pictures but not the actual photo shoot!  

She was so very unsure and really didn't know what to expect. I put her at ease and talked her through the session and what to expect, what to bring with her and what not to do. After our call I invited her to my Pintrest page and asked her to take a look and to think about what sort of clothes to bring with her and what shops to visit for underwear and jewellery. This is always a great opportunity to buy some lovely underwear! Personally for me, this is one of my weaknesses and LOVE to buy new underwear whenever I can. What girl doesn't!

Shoes, Jewellery and anything girly, I mentioned it wasn’t all about the lingerie but more about what she is comfortable with but to bring what she can.

Caroline doesn't usually wear make-up so with the help of my talented make up artist Nissha from Be-Younique, she gave Caroline beautiful soft smoky eyes and a delicate rose colour on her lips, she looked so seductive yet delicate.  I didn't want anything too heavy on her eyes so we chose not to have the lashes applied. She really didn't need them anyway. Besides, I wanted her to feel comfortable.

Her hair was already styled by her daughter prior to the session,  so she chose to have  a soft loose curl in her hair which always works well with Boudoir shoots.

A few words from Caroline “ I was so nervous but so glad I did this!  I had a fantastic day and the hotel was lovely. Nissha the make-up lady did a fantastic job on my make-up and Beth was so nice, reassuring me throughout the session and making me feel at ease. I have received lots of fantastic images and would never have thought I looked like that, I love every single one of them. This was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend it to anyone”

The session itself went so quick! I put on some background music,  we had some nibbles and drinks on hand and then we set to work.  I guided Caroline with every shot and she was brilliant, considering how nervous she was, the session was easy and with my guidance we together made some stunning images.

 Thank you Caroline for allowing me to share these x Fancy doing this for yourself?  Contact me here and lets have a chat x