Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir Session at The Great Northern Hotel.

There has always been one thing I wanted to do before I hit a certain stage in my life, and that was to have a Boudoir photo session. Well, I’m not getting younger and I’m relatively happy with myself, a few hang ups but Improvements to be made! but I  hit a snag, I couldn’t find a photographer who’s Boudoir work I liked, who was female and who would be able to take the pictures how I envisaged them.

This then made me think, well if I can’t do it myself then I will do it for other ladies. I’m still looking for someone suitable and a female (I honestly don’t think my husband would have been keen for me to be photographed by a male) besides, I would be more comfortable with a lady photographer. So I continued with my plan to take the photographs of other ladies and wow what a day!

Here’s what transpired from that day…

I hired the Great Northern Hotel Parisian Suite for the shoot. A stunning room with separate dressing area and a huge bedroom!  Beautifully decorated with French accents of Parisian style furniture, bright, airy and big enough for the shoot. 

I asked 6 ladies to participate, all of different ages, sizes and looks,  just real women with hang ups, and all incredibly nervous!  They didn’t know each other either. We had make-up artists and a hairdresser on board along with endless cups of coffee and lots of giggles.

My ladies arrived in a flurry of excitement and nerves along with a suitcase full of clothes, ranging from soft floaty blouses, shirts, high heel shoes, hats, underwear sets, beautiful Lingerie, long socks and some really girly outfits. I aimed to keep it natural and girly without being distasteful or tacky.

Some of my ladies had messaged me before the event saying they were unsure what to bring, they had in their minds that Boudoir was all about Lingerie and bare skin, yet it was quite the contrary!

Advising them to think feminine, often more is less, capturing a glance over a bare shoulder while covered up with a soft blanket or a long floaty blouse, the emphasis being on the face and nothing else. These types of shots were what I had in mind all along. Once they settled into the shoot, there was a huge change in their body language and they started to relax.

The room was a buzz of positive activity.  The best part for me and I will never forget was how each of the ladies egged each other on. They didn’t know each other, each had a hang up about themselves but wow what a giggle, these ladies just relaxed and had fun and this shows in the end results below.

They all had their own expectations about the day and were thrilled with their photographs and the overall experience. I can't wait for the next shoot!